Computer Supplies With IT Support

IT Support for all Computer Services.

Jtec specialises in the design and implementation of carrier grade access and intelligent switching solutions for service providers, carriers and enterprises worldwide as well as supplying reliable IT support.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode

Jtec’s Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) product range, the InterXchange J7000, offers a multi-function access platform that adds value and functionality to carrier and SP offerings and comes with full IT support throughout Sydney.  We are dedicated to lowering the costs of access and widening the range of services that let carriers and emerging service providers create a competitive edge.

Find out how Jtec is keeping carriers well connected for implementing full computer data transfer protocols…


New technologies

The successes of jtec are largely owing to long-term investments in technology development. Today’s new technologies build on a tradition of foresight and innovation including technologies to protect yourself from laptop & cell phone radiation .

Corporate citizenship

jtec Response shows commitment to improve life for people around the world. When there is a human need for communication, jtec is there.

IT Environment

Jtec is working to increase quality of life and productivity while enabling a more resource-efficient world.

Health and safety

At Jtec, health and safety of our customers and employees are a major priority. Read more about the latest on radio frequency exposure and health.