About Us

Jtec specialises in the design, development, procurement, manufacture, assembly and testing of telecommunications equipment and systems. Categorised as transmission products, they allow you to construct a network for the transmission of voice, data, facsimile and image. Jtec equipment is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing equipment, ensuring protection of current investments.

Today, over 4,000 corporations, including most of the top 500 throughout Australia and Asia Pacific, rely upon Jtec equipment for their communications requirements. From Government departments and medium-sized businesses, through to global enterprises across all industries, Jtec’s products are saving money, providing security and delivering flexibility for the future. Also very relevant to the marketing strategy of carriers, Jtec products are deployed by many telecommunications service providers including Telstra and BT plc (formerly British Telecommunications plc).

Telstra is a major distributor of Jtec’s products through its Enhanced Distribution Channel strategy and it offers field service and support for Jtec’s products nationally. In the United Kingdom, Jtec’s products have been selected by BT plc for distribution through its own sales channels.

Jtec is expanding rapidly throughout the world with the establishment of offices and a direct sales force in New Zealand, and distributors in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Germany. Jtec also has a Support facility in Cork, Ireland and a Sales, Marketing and Support facility in High Wycombe, England.